We have a wide range of goods and fancies throughout the shop.the-sign

For the Garden

The garden centre boasts a good selection of perenial and annual plants.  There is also a well stocked range of bulbs and seeds for colour throughout the year.

Our garden tools and accessories are also complimented by an ever increasing range of pet products.

As we are Four Seasons we cater for Four seasons through the year.  This includes our ever popular range of Christmas Trees to suit every budget.

      being-watered  re-stocking  inside

 For the home

the-shopCome inside the shop to see a large range of household goods and gifts.  We stock a great selection of traditional sweets to!

Alongside our own stock we also display local artists and crafters goods.  You can see more of these in the showcase section.

We supply freshly cut flowers and displays for all occasions.  If you are after anything special then please just ask.